Scottish Trust Deed Debt Arrangement Scheme Sequestration

Protected Trust Deed

What is protected Scottish trust deed? When a trust deed is accepted by your creditor proposed by your trustee you trust deed is protected. A protected trust deed gives you the chance to make an affordable monthly payment of your debt for three years and once the period is over you can credit again. In the meantime your creditor cannot charge you any more bills. Your creditors cannot contact you or disturb you anymore. Your trustee set an amount of money in your reach to pay in a monthly scheme towards your creditors and they have to be satisfied with that money. A protected trust deed stops your creditors even from suing you in the court.

Debt Arrangement Scheme

When it is decided that you are going for a DAS you should inform your creditors as soon as possible so that they can give you some time to apply. Once you apply for DAS the authority will refer you approved money adviser. After taking all your debts in account he will figure out an affordable monthly payable amount for you. Then he will set a Debt Payment Programme (DPP) for you. Once your creditors agree to your proposal you are on, if they refuses the DAS Administrator may approve your DAS if there is no other suitable way. Once DPP is turned on you can start single monthly payments for all your debts and you are free from annoyances.


Sequestration is the Scots Law term for bankruptcy. It means that the person to whom you owe money can ask the court to appoint a trustee in sequestration to realise your assets and use the money to meet expenses and pay your creditors. If you are sequestrated you cannot • obtain credit for over £250 without declaring that you are an undischarged bankrupt • be a director or involved in the management of a company • hold certain public offices or professions. Sequestration lasts for three years, unless a Trustee or a creditor asks the court to extend it.

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